SD Informatics

S.D. Informatika was founded in 1992.

Our commercial activities started in 1995. by launching the “Dentist 4 Windows” application, which was the first Windows graphical UI based application on the market.
In 2000. we have upgraded and changed the name of the application to LAST 2000, which is used until today. 

Over 1.000 dental clinics and offices are using our software from both Croatian and Bosnian markets, and we have reached over 30% market share in dental software segment.
From 2012. we have successfully participated in 8 EU and R&D projects from the e-Health domain, where we created our references and specialized knowledge.

In that period we have launched two new products: e-Care and e-Drugs, which are still in use today.
Through collaboration with the Faculty for electrical engineering, we have developed an innovative IT solution for the control and management of diabetes - uniGluko, with the investment from Hubraum incubator.

In 2017. we have started with the development of the could based platform for business management of dental clinics - Timeline Master, which will be available in Q1/2020.
We are currently employing 16 developers and customer support staff, which are specialized in Angular, MS SQL, .NET and C# technologies.
SD Informatics SD Informatics
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