Timeline Master

“Timeline Master™ is a tool that transforms the overworked dentist into a successful business owner.”

Based on the newest and innovative IT technologies, Timeline Master enables the user to manage the business side of a dental clinic in real-time. 
Timeline Master can be used from any device or location 24-7, since it is a “cloud” based solution, with the highest security standards. 

Some of the key questions that Timeline Master is giving answers are:
  • What is going on in my dental clinic right now?
  • Is today’s work efficiently planned, organized and executed?
  • Where are the “blind spots” in my organization?
  • Are all of my key employees engaged in the most efficient way?
  • Are all the key resources (people, time, offices) in my clinic most efficiently used?
  • What is the short and long term profitability of my clinic?
  • Through which marketing channels are patients reaching my clinic?
  • What is the treatment acceptance rate in my clinic?
Timeline Master Timeline Master
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